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Waste Ink Pads
Average rating:  
 302 reviews
by ALLARD on Waste Ink Pads

THANK YOU : you saved me a lot of time to restart my printer: no movement, no waiting. In addition, your software is easy to use even if I am not very good in English: I managed to understand and put the printer back in operation. a big thank you

by Joanne on Waste Ink Pads

Absolutely brilliant, couldn’t of been more helpful to me & worth every penny & more.

Thank you so much , fantastic !!!

by Rachel Harris on Waste Ink Pads
Epson SX115 Stylus printer/scanner

I was a little apprehensive about paying £9.99 for help to get my printer that was dead,going again..It did take my old head a few hours to work out what i was to do,but once i read over it a few times " Bingo" got it,tried it,and true to the companies word "It Worked' I am truly grateful for your help and also that you are there to help people get their printers fixed.Worth every penny of the £9.99,.Cheers again..Brilliant..

by Scott on Waste Ink Pads
Epson xp 225

Wow so easy to use and do saved me big time as had 50+ parcel labels to print for collections, so did this in mins all labels printed and ready for the courier thank u so much

by Leony on Waste Ink Pads
Reset Epson ET 2650

Like almost all the previous reviews, my Epson ET 2650 started telling me the inkpads were full and I needed to contact Epson for the solution. Ignored these messages until the printer completely locked up....... Not even scanning was possible. Done some research on Google and letting it fix by Epson would cost me al least € 150,-!!! (I'm in the Netherlands)

First I cleaned the ink-pads by hand, (bit of a messy job!) and had to find a software program to reset the 'counter'. Found several WIC solutions, which reset the counter also, but although the program is for free, you have to buy a key everytime you use it. Costs: average of about € 9,- per password.

WIP however, offers a program which you can use indefinatelly, for only € 12,-! Download works great and is easy to use. You don't have to be computer-nerd to use it!

Thanks alot for offering this solution!

by labousse on Waste Ink Pads
réparation epson imprimante 720 WD

Bonjour, mon imprimante epson 720 WD à signalé un message de tampon de fin de vie, après recherche sur le net j'ai trouver le site wasteinkpads, après hésitation j'ai acheté la licence pour réinitialiser le compteur d'encre, avec le support fournit et des explications simples n'importe qui peut à moindre coût résoudre le problème de message d'erreur. Mon imprimante est repartie pour un tour, je ne le regrette pas, n'hésiter pas si il y a le moindre problème ils sont à l'écoute.


by Loz on Waste Ink Pads

My Epson printer came up with an error message saying ink pad reached end of service life. Called a local computer shop who advised it was not worth trying to fix and advised i would be best to purchase a new printer.

After looking online for solutions i came across the WIP site. I was very sceptical and concerned about what i was downloading and if it would even work.

So glad i did! Great instructions to follow and although i had a little trouble to start there were troubleshooting instructions to follow and when emailing WIP i had a response almost immediately. I was able to re-set my printer and now happily printing again. Thank you again!! So happy to not have to throw away a perfectly good printer!

by andy on Waste Ink Pads

please upload a simple video of how to change the operating system in properties

many thanks

by Adrian on Waste Ink Pads
Life Saver!

I searched through numerous videos online just to be disappointed that there was

no real solution. I found waste ink pads information and decided to give it a try.

I was working with a tech who crashed my entire computer trying to resolve the issue for hours.

Long story short, I tried this software and did not think it would work because I kept getting an error.

The issue was with my driver. Once I made sure there was no driver conflict on my computer and changed the compatibility mode, it resolved my problem. I was in the middle of a customers order when my printer broke so thank you!!

by emily holton on Waste Ink Pads

At first, I tthought that my printer wasn't responding. I didn't realize that the "fix" would fix my printer even though I kept getting the signals and notice from the printer that "the ink pad had reached the end of its life" and the printer would not start. Finally, I continued anyway and the code fixed the printer even though the printer would not start up.

Highly recommended.

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