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Waste Ink Pads
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 279 reviews
by Douglas Wilson on Waste Ink Pads
Excellent service even when it doesn't work

I don't usually rave when a service can't get the job done, but in this case it's deserved. When the initial fix didn't work, they asked to take over my computer, worked on it for an hour and a half, tried everything in the book, and we finally decided there was a defect in my printer's USB connection which made a fix impossible. I am absolutely sure now that my 7-year old Epson needs replacing. To me, it was well worth the fee (which they offered to refund) to have that kind of intensive, comprehensive attempt at a fix.

by Rita on Waste Ink Pads
locked out of epson printer waste ink

I was locked out of my epson ET 2550 printer even thought i changed the waste ink pad that was full and the cause of the lock out. I called epson but they couldn't help. This $9.99 investment worked on my mac book pro to reset the printer. I was very skeptical. I read all the directions and followed them carefully. It was not difficult.

by Sandra Williams on Waste Ink Pads
Amazing People

These people are amazing. I was having a bad day and mucking everything up - yet they kept their patience with me and helped me resolve my problem.

Would definitely use them again and would recommend everyone else to do so as well

by ron on Waste Ink Pads

I have used reset before but as a cd this is much better

by Ralph Burridge on Waste Ink Pads
Great Service on an Epson Reset

I have just had the pleasure of working with WasteInkPads Sales, who worked well above the standard expect when a problem materialised with resetting the ink counters on my Epson SX600FW printer. I don't believe that I could have received better service from their technician Jangir, who was so dedicated in his goal of making everything work. Thanks again - Customer Service is still alive and well at WasteinkPads

by Rebecca smith on Waste Ink Pads
Unload reset

Couldn’t be happier ! Needed to use my printer and emailed these guys and within a few minutes they had sent me a link . Purchased the reset key and it was sooooo easy to follow. Back up and running within 10mins .. Thankyou !

by Mark W on Waste Ink Pads
Oh you beauty

Worked a treat after finding a RAR unzip! Thank you, happy to pay for a utility to undermine sharp behavior from Epson. Shame on them.

by richard on Waste Ink Pads
good product

Good product, rectified the problem with the printer straight away, user instructions could be more detailed to assist opening the files and set up, and ensuring it is used only in compatibility mode on Win 10 systems, but otherwise good service and back up from David

by Yvonne in Oakland, California on Waste Ink Pads

Although I had some difficulty at first at getting this program to open, David was right there on the other side of the pond to help me out. Despite the time difference, he was immediately responsive and talked me through it. My printer works like new and I couldn't be more relieved.

Don't know if other printer companies do this or not but SHAME on Epson (my printer brd) for 'setting' this up to happen unnecessarily. Epson website sez "...Most users will not receive this message before the printer is replaced for other reasons..." which tell you two things. One: it's not a well made printer and lots of other things could break before this happens; as if to say "hey, you were lucky to get this far".

Two: We want you to buy another Epson printer, no sense putting it off.

What?, so I can go through this all over again when the timer, Epson sets internally, winds down? This is shameful to be sure and although I've ALWAYS purchased and owned the Epson Brand, I won't do so again.

All being said, Huge thanks to Waste Ink Pads and David.

by Mike on Waste Ink Pads
Waste Ink Pads Service FIXED

BRILLIANT!!! fixed this issue within a minute. It could NOT be easier and it works perfectly. This well documented issue has bugged many for ages - there is nothing wrong with the printer, it's a contrived issue that knocks it out. But this waste ink pads fix does exactly what it states on the advert. UNRESERVED RECOMMENDATION!!

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