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Waste Ink Pads
Average rating:  
 292 reviews
by Jon on Waste Ink Pads
Great Job

My Epson R280 gave me an error due to waste pads full. I was locked out. After some tinkering and VERY fast response from Waste Ink Pads, I got the printer reset in no time at all. I REALLY appreciate the rapid response to my questions, which allowed me to get back to printing in minutes.

Great job.


by Debbie on Waste Ink Pads
Ink pad reset

Great service could not get it to work at first but they were so helpful and got it sorted


Thanks so much

Will defo use you agsin

by Eddy Bryan on Waste Ink Pads
Freed in a bl-ink (or two)!

Faced with an Epson printer lock-out with no option but to throw the whole unit away, WIP offered the solution which freed the unit entirely. It became usable once more, but this was entirely due to WIP technical personnel's support who guided me patiently through the processes.

Being an older unit - albeit purchased 6 months ago sealed & unused - Epson let me down by failing to provide a renewable ink absorbent kit... another sacrifice to the altar of consumerism. Not quite the image of environmentally-friendly manufacturers!

Would I seek WIP's help again? You bet I would!

by Brian Bennett on Waste Ink Pads
Brilliant Service!!

I was unsure about this initially but I certainly got my money's worth! Not being especially computer-literate I needed guiding through the process. I sent an email with an initial query, unsure if I would even get a reply & almost resigned to more frustration. But initially David replied & then Jangir followed up & he stuck with me until the job was done - even giving me a call to guide me through the final stage and waiting until I confirmed my printer was up & running again. A very nice guy and extremely helpful! Many, many thanks!!

by Dana Pellerin on Waste Ink Pads
Epson ET2550 Counter Reset

Real world user... out of this world fix! After researching places to go to get this anomaly corrected, I chose WasteInkPads. Let's just say, I chose wisely! After a simple switch to allow the files to be read by Vista as Windows XP, it was smooth sailing the rest of the way.Too bad Epson has this built in scam to get costly repair/replacement of the expired counter (software issue) and ink pads (hardware issue). Nothing wrong with the ET2550 itself, the unit has performed admirably since I bought it in 2017! Read and heed... no need to pay Epson to fix the issue or buy a new printer... just put your faith and trust in Jangir and his crew to resolve your issue. With WasteInkPads software fix ($13.41US) and an OEM replacement filter assembly from eBay ($20.13US) it's no muss, no fuss. I can't sing Jangir's praises loud enough! 6 STARS and an OHHELLYES from this ridiculously satisfied customer. Print on, my friends, print on!

by Peggy Burke on Waste Ink Pads
Printer pad counter reset

Fantastic service. Immediate reply to my query and problem solved. Printer saved from the dump and also large stock of inks. Highly recommended!

by pauline on Waste Ink Pads

went up and above!!!! Thank you for all of your help! This company stands behind their products 100+%

by Francisco on Waste Ink Pads
Epson Stylus DX8400

I had my Epson Stylus DX8400 printer broken with the message "waste ink pads full, which caused the counter of the printed copies to be blocked and then the printer to block, the scanner still works.

Inquiring online and watching tutorials dealing with this topic, I managed to find "" where I bought this program and its progress.

I had difficulties, very attentive staff, excellent communication, perfect, after changing the link to download the program and continue having difficulties they gave me two objections.

1st they sent me another new lihk and license number for a single use,

2nd they installed it to me by remote control, and I scanned the 2nd, everything has gone perfectly and my printer has revived.

I am very grateful to these professionals that I strongly advise for those who have problems with the full waste ink pads that block the printers.

I reiterate, I strongly recommend this service.


by Eric on Waste Ink Pads
Epson DX9400F waste pad reset

I spent all last night trying to find a trustworthy download to help reset the waste pad counter on my old Epson, I then came across WasteInkPads as being trustworthy and highly recommended on a forum so here I am now having reset my counter and all is good again with my printer. I had a small issue with the actual reset process but I got an immediate reply to my email query explaining in more detail what to do.

Many thanks.

by Teresa Davis on Waste Ink Pads
You saved me a ton of money!!

Out of nowhere my Epson 1430 said my ink pads were at the end of their life and I couldn't use the printer. I had just bought a new CISS ink system and did a quick search to buy another Epson 1430, so I could still use my ink system. After a quick search I found the price had jumped to almost $1,000 for my printer because it has been discontinued. Then I searched on YouTube to see if I could fix it myself and found your video. I was skeptical at first because I was afraid I was getting a virus, but it worked perfectly!! Thank you so much, you saved me a ton of money! PS! If I didn't have the new ink system, I would not have gone with another Epson printer, I think it's crazy that you pay so much for a printer and they program it to quit on you. I should have the option to use it, in whatever condition it may be in.

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