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Waste Ink Pads
Average rating:  
 232 reviews
by Wim Gosewisch on Waste Ink Pads
Printer reset

Excellent service, I was a little worried at first but they couldn't have been more helpful and got me up and running again especially David .

Your reset program is fabulous. You responded promptly and the service was short of a miracle. You deserve more than 5 stars. Thank you so much!!

by Chris on Waste Ink Pads
waste ink pads

My Epson printer stopped at a critical time when I had to have some printing done by the next day. It felt as if I would have to go and find a new printer when nobody was offering a repair. Searching on line I found this site and, although the first download was PC related and therefore didn't work for my Mac I thought for a moment that it might have been a scam, I dropped a line back and in a short time received a message with another download which worked immediately and I was back in operation in minutes. Thank you, a life saver!

by Ginny on Waste Ink Pads

Your reset program is fabulous. You responded promptly and the service was short of a miracle. You deserve more than 5 stars. Thank you so much!!

by Amy L. on Waste Ink Pads
Easy peasy!

I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to downloading things from online google searches, but couldn’t be happier that I came across this website. Jangir quickly responded to me and got me a link that worked with my Mac instead of PC, and it worked instantly to fix the error message I was getting on my printer. Thank you!!

by Nick Carter on Waste Ink Pads
Wasteinkpads rview

Five stars to Jangir for his patience in ensuring that we got there in the end.

Could not have managed this without you.


by Bluefin Works on Waste Ink Pads

This was a lifesaver. I'm not super tech savvy but I was able to troubleshoot my printer and it got me out of a pickle for my small business.

Also accidentally purchased the wrong one and customer service was very helpful in getting me a refund for the wrong purchase.


by Don Hewitt on Waste Ink Pads
Epson Artisan 837

After several attempts we finally got there and my printer is running again. You have made me a very happy chappy. Thank you!

by David Pyzer on Waste Ink Pads
Epson XP610


I was having difficulty opening the 'zip' files due to my limited computer knowledge and Jangir went out of his way to help me to install the 'Waste Ink Counter Reset' software for my printer.

It is now working fine thanks to his support and assistance.

by stewart lynskey on Waste Ink Pads
Epson DX8450

Excellent service, I was a little wary at first but they couldn't have been more helpful and got me up and running again. Thank you.

by May Britt Jacobsen on Waste Ink Pads
Fantastic support

I could not get this work on my own.

And sent a mail and they helped me from there place. so easy and very nice.

Will higly recomand this to everyone ho needs to reset inkpad like i had to do on my epson w1500.

Thank you again for very good customer service.

by Peter Duffin on Waste Ink Pads
WIC - Epson XP-610

I too was having issues with the Adjprog.exe method and having tried 3 or more times to get it to work, I gave up and bought a new printer as I was getting behind in my work. David sent me the WIC rescue program and within 2 or 3 minutes I had the old printer up and running again. The new one's back in the box until this old 610 finally dies. I just love Epson's 'who cares a shit' attitude towards their clients. Good job Waste Ink.

by Lisa on Waste Ink Pads
Fixed printer perfectly

I had a job due when my printer shutdown. This application fixed it and I was able to complete my job. Thanks

by Chris F. on Waste Ink Pads
Excellent service and support

I was having issues with the AdjProg.exe method - kept receiving error messages when I tried to "Check" the waste ink resevoirs percentage. Tried disabling virus software, changing programs compatibility mode (the program wouldn't launch unless it was as-is or in Win'95 compatibility mode). Tried different cables, computers and methods with Jangir's help. He mentioned a different method to reset the waste counter, using the WIC Resetter tool and a one-time key he provided for me to use with WIC. Jangir was quick to respond and eager to help - we need more tech people like Jangir!! Great job! Thank you so very much for your help and truely showing that you care!! 🙂

by Dieter Kraft on Waste Ink Pads
WIC-Resetter + Epson XP-635

Prima Programm, prima Support. Jangir bietet auch Remote-Service an über Team-Viewer. War aber nicht nötig, da das Programm selbsterklärend ist. Vor Einsetzen des Zahlen-Codes kann man testweise und gratis den Drucker mit dem Code-Wort "Trial" um 10% zurücksetzen. Der volle Reset dauert nach Klick auf die Reset-Taste weniger als 1 Sekunde. Das in der Anleitung geforderte Ausschalten des "Epson Status Monitor 3" ist bei meinem Drucker nicht möglich - das Häkchen ist hellgrau und damit klick-resistent. Der Reset funktionierte aber trotzdem fehlerfrei. Gegen die Anleitung zu verstoßen hat etwas Überwindung gekostet. Bei nächsten vollen Tintenkissen bin ich hier wieder dabei!

by remus on Waste Ink Pads
problem solved in Belgium

I got the problem of ink pad full with my Epson xp950, I received the link to install the ressetter but it did not worked having a comunication problem. But I finally got from them another way which worked perfectly. I am amased by the profesionalism of these people. Good Job!

by Peter James on Waste Ink Pads
printer resetter

Absolutely recommend this company - the download and such prompt technical assistance made the whole process effortless. Well done for running a first class company.

by Raoul on Waste Ink Pads
They solve always

The downloud seems work not.

I write a email.

Don't worry! Immediately they answer, unbelievable!

Some suggestion from Jangir, the good guy that care my problem, but nothing yet.

So, Jangir ask me to allow a real time connection to my computer.

In few minutes Jangir solve the problem and my printer is OK again.

Quick, clean and perfect.

What's else?

Many thanks Jangir and many thanks to Wasteinkpads!

by Geoff on Waste Ink Pads
printer on inkPad reset

Good service and excellent follow up with technical assistance

I would use again.

Job done.

by Steve Hamlin on Waste Ink Pads
Great service and support

after having trouble resetting my printer I took help from Wasteinkpads with team Viewer

their operator was fantastic going through all the steps to get my printer up and running giving a service way above what anyone could expect

Thank you very much

by Wendy on Waste Ink Pads
Reset Epson Printer

What a fantastic service. I'm not tech minded and emailed them as I was struggling to download a windows file on a Mac!! They got back in touch sent me the correct file for a Mac and then telephoned me and talked me through each and every step until voila ink pad was reset.

Epson boo hiss! For trying to make us buy another printer. A round of applause and cheers for Waste ink pads net who revitalised my new printer with minimum fuss and at fantastic value. The best recommendation you can have is to be recommended and I will do that time and time again.

by Skipper Gerstel on Waste Ink Pads
Tech help

The tech I had was above and beyond helping me with printer. I have never in all my 30 plus using a pc and many techs before. This was the BEST I have ever had. He is a great asset to the company and you need to KEEP him. Again Thanks for the help and I definately will use again. I was going tot ditch the computer but this has helped me get some life from it.

by Mike White on Waste Ink Pads
New lease of life

We were going to buy a new printer but it now has a new lease of life - just as well a we have a stockpile of inks! I worried when my antivirus reported malware but I received a prompt response that reassured me. I had to adjust the program's compatibility to Win XP (right-click; Troubleshoot compatibility) as I'm running a later operating system, but then the process worked correctly. Now my printer's good for another 17,000 cycles!

by sheri fielder on Waste Ink Pads
reset epson printer

I've thrown Epson printers out before...when they've stopped and said need service. I found this site online and was scared but thought I'd give it a try. This site is the best and customer service is remarkable. I couldn't do the reset myself and had to email this company. They responded back very efficiently and even walked me thru step by step. Still not being able to do it....the man I was dealing with ....did it for me on his end. Best decision I've ever made!!!

Cant thank you enough for helping me!!!!

by Mike Rogers on Waste Ink Pads
Waste ink pads Software

When everything else I tried to get my printer functioning again failed,

your software was the miracle cure. Very important to read all the installation

Information thoroughly though. Good value compared to the cost of using an Epson

specialist repairer.

by Martin on Waste Ink Pads

This printer is used by all four of use at home, without it, we would be in a mess. had a problem with the software. but the help and support via email and by phone was 100% brilliant.

Thank you so much.

Worth ever penny.

by DAX on Waste Ink Pads

I didnt want to throw my EPSON printer out 'just' because an ink pad was full -- or rather that the counter said so.I tried to follow the instructions but couldn't get it to work so emailed for help. Within 10 minutes they were on the phone explaining that depending on the region where i lived It may not work. So they gave another key code and talked me through the whole process so that I could understand and at the end of a short time my printer worked like new .Thank you so much or your unconditional help and support .

My 5 STARS will say all I have to say about this company .They were brilliant

by Tiziano on Waste Ink Pads

dopo avere avuto problemi di codice errore, sistemato con collegamento da remoto e problema risolto.

La stampante è nuova 🙂

Grazie a David

by Daniel on Waste Ink Pads
Epson xp-235

Ok. Working O´Right . Thanks Allot by the KEY for Epson XP-235

by David on Waste Ink Pads

The waste ink reset instantly worked on Windows 10 with Epson R220!

by JORN BORGGREEN on Waste Ink Pads

It seemed pretty stupid to throw a perfectly running EPSON printer out 'just' because an ink pad was full -- or rather that the counter said so. Wasteinkpads was willing to help at a low cost, however I was not able to do it myself. Then they offered to reset the counter on remote control. Took 15 minutes and the printer seems to work now. GREAT and THANKS!

by Boydfilmz on Waste Ink Pads
It worked on a Mac

The instructions we very helpful since I had never done this before. The statements of “you can only use the key once was a little confusing because it took 4 try’s before it actually worked and now I suppose I would need a new key to unlock the printer. I think many of us are suspicious of these printer companies when we don’t have the money to go out and buy a printer every time one locks up in this fashion. Quick response and helpful suggestion helped in my success so thank you. I just wonder why the printer companies aren’t as customer service oriented as you are. Thank you again for your product at a reasonable price and 5 star service.

by Gui Ruan on Waste Ink Pads
Wasteink pad reset

really professional, and rapid in solving problem. I like your service

by Adrian McIlhatton on Waste Ink Pads
XP 625

I had bought a reset in July 2017. It sorted the problem out and the printer was good as new. Unfortunately the problem reoccured. I couldn't remember where I got it and it was only when I checked my paypal history I found a contact email. I sent a query on Sunday and got a reply within 30 minutes with alink to the correct reset programme. Before I had a chance to order it again I got another email from Jangir telling me the programme I had should still work. I eventually found it on my desktop and 2 minutes later the printer was working again. Can't recommend thus company highly enough

by R Levitt on Waste Ink Pads

Excellent service, very helpful offering advice when needed


by Michael M on Waste Ink Pads
Positive Review

Once I paid for the reset , I contact the site as I didnt receive it immediately . They provide great service , sent me the reset , I followed all the instructions , It was important in my case to disconnect my Norton 360 anti Virus ... I have no problem recommending this company and there product . I also recommend watching the you tube video .. regards Michael .. Australia .My printer was Epson R2400 , which is an expensive printer .

by Steve on Waste Ink Pads
WIC Reset my Epson XP620

I used this reset program because I stupidly allowed a firmware upgrade on my Epson XP620 and the upgrade prevents me from using CISS refillable ink cartridges. I downgraded using this program . It worked. Perfectly. I can now use CISS cartridges again.

Well worth the money ! My congratulations to the developers.

by Bob on Waste Ink Pads
Waste ink pad counter reset

I admit I was a bit skeptical about using this software but I figured, what do I have to lose? My Epson Artisan 800 was no longer functioning and I would have to buy a new one. I have had a CISS on it for years and it has worked flawlessly. So, I downloaded the program and actually did the reset using Window 10. I hooked a tube from the waste-tank to an old plastic ink bottle and it has been working great for a few weeks now. Thanks for the fix!

by Myron on Waste Ink Pads
Best service ever!

Fast and Friendly

by StephenWA on Waste Ink Pads
Happy ending 🙂

My Epson RX520 displayed error code E-91, and the booklet suggested this was a "return to manufacturer" fault. I was close to binning the unit. A last-minute web search took me to and I bought a reset code for £4.99 GBP. The reset was NOT easy to install, mainly as the provided instructions were for a generic printer rather than mine. The truth is that my wife who is rather more IT-savvy and patient than me actually did the download and reset. BUT it DID work, and my RX-520 is working again. Happy ending 🙂

by chris on Waste Ink Pads
waste ink pad counter reset

So manufacture always puts something in your way to protect business........

I was shocked to find printer stopped due to ink pad full, I cleaned ink pad but it said a reset was required still !!!!!

Thank you waste ink pads for the reset

Perfect job


by Lou Hurtado on Waste Ink Pads
Life Saver

In the middle of printing my annual Christmas Card drawing (150) on a Sunday, my printer stopped working with the dreaded error message; “Service required. Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life”. I have already had the dealer service performed once before on this printer. Then five days later and $150 repair bill, I got my printer back. WasteInkPads, Edson Printer Resets for Mac saved the day. The download worked flawlessly on my Mac, and by following the instructions, my printer was up and operating again in 5 minutes. I know I still need to replace the printer ink pads and get it serviced, but that will be done on my schedule. Thank you WasteInkPads!

by JonWren on Waste Ink Pads
Program works. Follow instructions.

Like many product users, its frustrating to find the printer you purchased and has work well for so long is now no longer operational because the manufacturer has built into the printer a software trap that screws the customer. Its thanks to the guys at "Wasteinkpads" that we have a friend who know the problem and have the solution.

Good luck guys, your doing a good job.

by Thi Hanh BOUDON on Waste Ink Pads
Super service et résultats

Le service de la société WastelnPads Sales est parfait, mon imprimante Epson dont le tampon encreur était en fin de vie, et donc soumise à un arrêt prochain a été remise à 0, directement en ligne par Jangir, de cette même société qui a correspondu avec moi un samedi soir jusqu'à 23H50, puis m'a dépanné le dimanche après-midi en prenant la main directement sur mon ordinateur car je n'arrivais pas à faire la manipulation.

Chapeau bas à cette société très professionnelle à laquelle je délivre facilement 5 étoiles, et un grand MERCI à Jangir.

by Raymond on Waste Ink Pads
Satisfaction client

J'utilise le logiciel de Waste_ INk_ Pad depuis plus de 5 ans pour différentes imprimantes Epson.

Les logiciels ont toujours fonctionné ; mais il faut bien entendu respecter la procédure recommandée.

La dernière imprimante, que j'ai pris en charge étais une Epson XP 625 :

il est apparu que l'imprimante faisait état d'une saturation du bloc tampons alors que l'imprimante n'avait en réalité imprimé que 1700 pages .

(cette quantité de pages imprimées est accessible avec le logiciel fourni par Waste_ INk_ Pad)

la remise à zéro du compteur, va permettre à cette imprimante de fonctionner pendant au moins 2 ou 3 ans.

Il faut malgré tout noter, que la remise à zéro du compteur ne règle pas tous les problèmes, puisque bien entendu,

si l'on n'a pas modifié l'imprimante, les blocs tampon sont en effet saturé d'encre.

La solution est bien connue : il faut installer un flacon externe qui permet de recueillir les rejets d'encre effectués à l'occasion d'une nettoyage des têtes.

La méthode pour installer en flacon externe se trouve facilement sur YouTube

by Bader on Waste Ink Pads

You are the beast 🙂

thanks for helping me

by Becky C on Waste Ink Pads

It worked like a charm and was very easy!! I did have to ask for help and got a reply within just a few minutes. Could not be happier!

by Klaus Scholle on Waste Ink Pads
waste ink counter reset

Description very good to be understood. Implementation took few minutes only and worked perfect.

by Terry Hewitt on Waste Ink Pads
EPSON SX 405 inkpad counter reset

Thanks for good advice at moderate cost. Problem solved. I recommend you to future customers.


by john clark on Waste Ink Pads
not bad

Did the job but needed some help from the supplier to get it to work.

by Mustafa on Waste Ink Pads
so far so good

lost my copy of the tool the service provider kindly send me another one without lots of struggle. thank you keep up this nice service.

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